Letter from God

The passage below is directly from my journal where I pour out my prayers, heart, psalms, thankfulness, and everything to the Lord. It helps me to draw closer to Jesus and see better what He is doing in my life. The passage below is a letter I have written from the perspective of God to me. The section in "[  ]" is where the Holy Spirit really hit me and encouraged me to fight for perfect love. I pray that my vulnerability and openness of sharing this will ignite the fire of the Holy Spirit within you to continue on pushing through all seasons of life...

Dear Son,

Oh Child of suffering, be patient. Be faithful. For I know and understand deeply the things you are suffering in. Hold on to me, never let go. I know you can do it. I know your heart. It can make it through this.

Trust me with what I am doing. My ways will not always be clear in your eyes. But my love and guidance always will be faithful to you. Keep holding on my son, my child. I know your heart. I know it can make it. The perseverance is all going to be worth it.

[I have big unforeseen things in store for you. They are like presents I anxiously wait to show to you, to see your faithful ways rejoice in the opening of them.] Hold on little heart, I am shaping and bending you into the perfect vessel I cannot wait to meet face to face one day. Hold on tight my son. Your Father cares deeply for you.



Bradley Scurei