Prayer to the Father.


Make me more like a child,

I want to be in constant awe.

Constant amazement at my divine Father.


Make me more like a child.

I call out to Your name - You will not ignore me.

No more pride, walls, and insecurity;

Just jaw-dropping wonders that I cannot keep to myself;

That I cannot help but let consume me,

Changing me from the inside out.

Make me more like a child.

I want to listen to My Fathers voice, no one else’s -

None softer and sweet than Yours.


Dancing in the deep or the high,

All praise to Your name.

No one safer to follow;

Your word

Your character 

Your sacrifice -

Nothing satisfies my soul deeper.


Life is sweet with You.

You and I.

Oh yes, I believe you are for me.

You care for me.


I will call to You in help.

No other to save a child better than their heavenly Father.

Bradley Scurei