Charity: Confidence

1. What does confidence mean to you?    

    "Confidence is knowing your identity in Christ and walking in that identity with full boldness. Personally, its knowing that I’m only good because the blood of Christ. And knowing that He doesn’t define me by my sin, but that He defines me by the blood of Christ and thats why I have confidence."

2. When did you find your confidence in Christ? What did you have to count “as loss” to receive it?

     "I found my confidence in Christ, I’d say my sophomore year of college. That’s when I really started to dive into who the Lord is and who He was calling me to be. And in that, He literally calls me beloved. In the Bible He does not call us sinners, He calls us worthy. Like even though we are sinners and we do sin, He doesn’t call us sinners and He doesn’t define us by our sin. And in Him calling us beloved and Him saying that we are worthy by His Sons blood is when I found my confidence in Him. Which was super cool. We deserve death but He says we are worth so much more. How could we not walk in that confidence?

    What I had to count “as loss” to receive it was my pride. Oh gosh my pride. When I started really growing in Christ, I started to advance in my spiritual gifts and I was very cocky in them. So I wouldn’t give God the glory in my gifts but I would give myself the glory. The Lord showed me that I can’t boast in my own doing like, "This isn’t even you this is the work of my Holy Spirit." And in that the Lord let a lot of things happen where I realized “Holy crap, I don’t have my life together and I suck and I’m a really crappy person.” Paul says in the New Testament to boast of your weaknesses because in our weaknesses Christ’s power is made perfect."

3. What encouragement would you give to someone struggling to find confidence in Christ? Scriptures?

    "The reason why you’re struggling is cause either you’re putting your identity in yourself and your abilities or what other people have said about you. So literally look in scripture and see what the Lord says about you. In Luke 10:19 the Lord has given us dominion and power over the Devil and our enemies. But it says we shouldn’t praise God of that, but we should praise God that our names our written in heaven. We should be encouraged in that because the Lord has already claimed us, we are His, and in Him calling us worthy of His love we should be able to walk in confidence boldly. Not because of what we’ve done but because of all that Jesus has done."

4. If someone attacks you and your identity, how have you responded to that?

    "I’ve been put down a lot in my identity. I’ve been called a “bitch” and “I claim to love Christ, yet my actions don’t follow it” and “that I’m not a true Christian follower.” I just have to think in those moments you just have to give it to the Lord. Its not just a one time thing, its a reoccurring thing you have to give to the Lord. Like you have to give your insecurities or sins to the Lord. Every day its important to repent and ask the Lord, “What is holding me back from you?” And in giving it to the Lord, obviously you build more confidence because you realize that we don’t have to strive for His love or strive to be perfect but in His Son we are perfect."

Here are some "Self-Reflection Questions" I encourage you to write down and answer in your personal time with the Lord:

  1. What am I putting my identity in?
  2. What does the Lord say about me?
  3. Pray and ask the Lord to give you wisdom and discernment in revealing what you are truly putting your identity in. Be prepared to give those things to the Lord.


Lord, I pray over all who read this and may be struggling with their identity/confidence. Would they seek you first and foremost. As they read this post and may answer the self-reflection questions, would You reveal the things they are putting their identity in. And in that, would You pour out Your love on them and give them eyes to see that, when God calls something worthy of His Sons blood (not because of works or anything else, purely out of His goodness) NOTHING can take that away. May they walk in the full confidence of the great love You have lavished on us, undeservingly, and that they would share that with all those around them. In Jesus name, Amen. 






Bradley Scurei