Interview: Lissette Villa

1. What's one thing you're thankful for that Jesus has saved you from?

"I'm thankful for Jesus saving me from myself and the world. The past couple months I have not been living for the flesh/the world and that was something that was consuming my life for a while. I am thankful for grace and Him knowing me enough and seeking me out to bring me back from the world and myself. There was a while there where depression and anxiety was definitely apart of my life and those were all lies the enemies was telling me. It just wasn't a good time and so you find other ways to deal with it and you become like the world. It sucks. But then you find grace and love and God and its awesome."

2. In what ways have you tried to box God up in your life? Where would you not allow Him to have control?

"As far as boxing up, even to this day, I know He has a plan for me even though I know I can't see it. So its hard for me to understand it and I know in many ways I'm not suppose to. I look at my life then and now and I'm kind of life "what am I suppose to be doing" kind of deal. There is a verse, seek the kingdom and all these things will be added to you (Matthew 6:33). I've been trying to live by that and let Him more into that because I very much so like to know what I'm doing. Thats something I want to succeed in and bring Him glory, I just can't see in what ways. But in this season, I've been very much "send me, lead me" and I've been trying to follow that as well."

3. Whats your biggest insecurity?

"I feel like every girl goes through the insecurity of looks and measuring up to societies standards. But I think I've definitely moved on from that, which I'm very thankful for. Now its much more of insecurity in being steadfast. Having been in the position of living like the world, I don't want to be tempted and consumed by that again. I know I am weak so I get insecure about that because I don't want to fall into that kind of life again. But I do know I have control of who I am surrounded by and having Christian community to walk life with me. Also, basing every day off of knowing the Lord has given me each and every day for a reason and to just go with where He sends me."


Bradley Scurei